About Lois Moore

A loving mother to Darren and Grandmother to Grayson, Lois’ life crossed many cities across western Canada.  Lois shared her colorful and love-filled personality and light in Calgary, Canmore, and Brentwood Bay, to name only a few.  Her journey included many different forms of creative outlets, but her favorite and most passionate was encaustic art.

With pets at her side, Lois made her way out behind her Saanichton home to her workshop to create.  A wonderful sunlit studio, that was the home of so many of her creations.  She shared her love for art, and encaustic in particular, with so many art students on the west coast.  Hosting learning workshops, Lois kept her students close like family, and was even more proud of the art they created together.

An innovative and versatile artist with a talent in many mediums, Lois Moore’s work evolved over the years and took her in many fulfilling directions.

Glass, sculpture, textiles, water fountains, jewellery designer, and finally Encaustic art. Lois had painted since a teenager and was basically self taught with the help of a few workshops over the years. It wasn’t until her move to Victoria in 1999 that she decided to pursue her dream of being a full time artist. Her thirst for knowledge combined with her curious nature for experimenting expanded her creativity and resulted in some unusual art lines. Working with Encaustic requires a quickness, decisiveness, and willingness to both predetermine and create images as they happen. Beeswax is used with damar resin and pigment, then applied on a board with heat applied from various tools to produce magnificent luminous colours and dramatic textural effects. Lois, was a self motivated passionate artist open to exploring new techniques as well as creating a few of her own, recently took her Encaustic training in San Francisco. Lois’ work shows and sells in art shows and galleries in Alberta and British Columbia.

Lois Moore passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, in August 2009.
For Queries about her art please email Darren Potter